HERE'S THE DEAL: If you are new to LA or even thinking of moving here, my Fresh-off-the-Boat 1 hour course will turn you into the Hot New Latte that everyone’s talking about. It doesn’t matter how much theater training you’ve done, nothing prepares you for the wild business side of living in LA and becoming the CEO of YOU. My course is full of insider secrets I have learned from my own trial and error in Los Angeles, and it will help you get your s-h-i-t together. You will navigate nerves, find what makes you stand out, build a relationship garden and learn from a Q&A with some of my most successful friends in the biz. You will get grounded and manifest your acting career! Be audition ready the second you hit town. Beginner’s mistakes can set you back years in Los Angeles, and that’s a lot of waiting tables. So load up your bra or boxer briefs full of crystals and let’s get you close-up ready! This course is about getting you prepped and polished like a vegan’s asshole.